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InSiDe My HeAd


21 November 1986
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Im jenni a.k.a Dacrazyblonde1... or .. LoOpY ( thanks to timmothious who said it ONCE and it stuck forever ) ... im 24 and happily married ... i found my prince at a young age and that makes me smile.. my friends are the best i could ever ask for. I have many Friends but not many FRIENDS if that makes sense .. i would rather have a few good friends then a multitude of aquaintances.I've had ups and downs with my family but i still love them with all my heart. Im not a daddy's girl but i love and miss my father very much. I have 2 younger brothers who i would die for in an instance and a cousin who is move like a sister who i treat as such. Im a loving wife to my husband and would never do anything to jeaprodise that. Im a NYER to the core so i know what it means to have a good time. I don't need alcohol to enjoy myself, just give me some good music and company and im good to go.I was born and raised in NY and i think the yankees are the best thing to ever happen to baseball.. they are my favorite team and i dont care what you think . I plan on starting my own family in the near future and i want only the best atmosphere for my future children. I want them to have the childhood i never had. I grew up in a bad situation and i think i turned out pretty well . Last but not least i Love animals ... i love being surrounded by them ... i currently have a mini-zoo my friends say .. i have 6 dogs .... 5 daschunds ... ( dusty 7, Lucy 2, and the newest additions Lizzie, chubz & Bucky 1) ... **[ would have been 6 daschunds ..r.i.p. doogie 11.25.09.. i love you buddy <3 ]** ... and a Rat terrior ( Roxie 10 ) .... a cat ( midnite 8 ) ... a rabbit ( jo-jo 6 ) .. a Catalina McCaw ( eccho 15 ) ... and a 55 gallon fish tank full of fish .... but thats just the start im sure i'll gather a few more critters along the way .... I don't know what else to write on here so i guess thats all you need to know

12.28.05 <3
Lets make this last forever