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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2013|06:26 pm]
its been years since i updated and i have no idea who actually even reads this anymore ... :-) ...
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2010|10:24 am]
wow, I looked at the date and realized as of today me and Jeremiah have been happily together for 5 amazing years !! :-) ... exactly one month from today ( 1.28 ) ... we will have been married for four of those five years .... Time has flown by ! ..

I love you more and more with each passing day !! <3

JnJ4EnE <3
12.28.05 <3 ... lets make this last F.O.R.E.V.E.R <3
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2010|12:44 pm]
im so frustrated !

my weekend was a complete waste !
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changes are comming ... [Aug. 5th, 2007|12:49 am]
hey all got some new info for whoever even reads this ...

i got a new dog on friday ... her name is roxie .. she's a terrior ... she's 6 years old and permantly attached to my leg i cna't go anywhere without her haha but i love her to death ... but more on that later ..

i've been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of stuff lately and i talked to my in-laws today about some of it .. and they are right.. Im holding onto friendships and relationships with people that aren't really there .. yea i have friends but who are my real friends .... i have those i have simple convo's with from back in HS and then there are those who i can talk to about anything ... totally random conversations ... its time to weed through some things and make some changes to the frienships i've been holding onto...

im edited my LJ friends soon so i need to know who reads this and who doesn't .. i've already taken a few people off who have neglected to add me to theirs so its ur loss really bc i think im a hella awesome friend to those i care for heh .. but yeah so just let me know my friendship means something to u in some way...

Im prolly gonna change my phone number soon 2 ... soyeah

im just in a blah mood and really ready to move on in life and make life the best it can possibly be for me ...

okay im done with this and im ending this now ... Love ya bye !
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Happy New Year [Jan. 2nd, 2005|01:33 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

ok .. i just got home from the best new years i've ever had !!!!!!!!

started out at 6 pm friday night .. when me and aileen left to meet up with bonnie , erin and nate .. okay now .. that was interesting ... we met at the bank and yeahh ... i went in bonnie's car ... nathan followed bonnie .. erin followed nathan and aileen went home to get her stuff for the sleepover @ bonnie's ...

okay now i love nate to death but he drives so slow lmaoz .. erin ahd to run like 3 lights haha .. but yeahh .. okay first we stop at a store so bonnie could buy ciggs for her mom ... but bonnie couldn't find her liscense ... so she came over to me and erin cuz we were sitting waiting for her and stated that she couldn't find her id .. so i told her to ask erin or nate to get them ... i totallyf orgot i was 18 for a min there ... when i finallyr ealized it * after nate yelled out jen ur 18 u do it * .. i was dying .. so me and bonnie go in and the guy knew her so she was ble to get the cigs after all .. but yeahh

got to bonnie's house and david , steven , doug , and aileen were all there already .. aha .. it was great they all had their drinks .. well not doug cuz he didn't drink but yeahh ... i got a mikes out of the fridge and drank that .. while sitting and eating dinner with everyone in the living room ... watching south park .. hehe ....

i went into the kitchen to find something better to drink and i foundthe vadka yayz .. hehe ... kenny * bonnie's dad * .. did a double shot with me yayz ... then bonnie did one with me .. i had a double she had a single .. yayz .. then aileen came in and i did one with her .. again she only had a single i had a double .. then bonnie wanted another one so the 3 of us did another .. it was great ... then i had 2 beers , another mikes , a smirnoff .. more shots .. and some more beer ... then a cup of soda .. haha .. then more mikes ... lmaoz .. it was great .. i had so much to dirnk hehe ...

ugh .. then the horror of the night ... breaking up with ryan for erin .... steve wanted erin back so yeahh .. i went outside and called ryan and did the dirty deed about 10 .. yes it was only 10 and i wasn't done drinking yet lmaoz .. haha

okay well yeahh ... after that i went inside and chilled with bonnie in her room and talked and stuff .. then had a nice chat with ellen ... * bonnie's mom * ... everyone was so out of it ... haha .. i was so fine though it scared me ... then Michelle and Andrew came ..yayz .. it was great .. hehe ... and we all sat around and talked again ... yayz .. the ball dropped and it was new years .. party popper thingies and champaigne and yayz ... then the boys went running down the stairs ... me , bonnie and aileen followed them of course .... they went freaken STREAKING !!! it was sooooooooo funny ... david , nathan , doug and steven .. haha .. it was great .. david was playing with flares and kinda burned his head and has a bald stop now .. so he kinda has to shave his head ... lmaoz ... after the boys finished streaking we went back upstairs and david and doug left .. not to long after michelle and andrew left ... then it was just me , bonni e, aileen , steven , erin and nate .. it was fun though .. we stayed up til about 4 am watching gremlins and south park .. it was great .. then me and bonnie went to lay down ....

of course that didn't work for me bc there was wayyy to much noise with steven and aileen yelling so i wnet back out to the living room and we made fun of " best of the 90's " ... haha .. it was great ... bout 6:30 we all took a nap ... kinda .. we were up by 7 lmaoz .. but it was great ...

PANZI ... the word of the night / morning .. haha thanks steven ...

well next day started at 2 when everyone got up .. well bonnie and aileen were the only ones sleeping so yeahh when they got up the next day started .. steven left @ 7 ... grz to him ... then erin and aileen left at like 3 or so ... then me , bonnie and nate sat around bonnie's room for 2 hours and just talked and chilled ...

bout 5 or 6 ish we went intot he den and started watching dvd's .. we watched 2 ... mean girls and confessions of the teenage drama queen .. good movies .. i swear it was like a lindsay lohan movie marathon ... lmaoz .. yeahh .. so we watched them .. then we wen tto friendly's for dinner .. yayz . it was so funny =) .. coloring .. hehe ..

okay well more happenned but my hands hurt .. more to come ...

it was the best damn new years i've ever had and i got to spend it with someof the most amazing people ever .. i love my aland family .. guys u mean so much to me .. thank u soooooooooo much !!

can't wiat .. aileen is staying the weekend next weekend teehee ...

ooo .. and me and bonnie are starting a new thing .. sleepover at bonnie's every friday .. yayz =) ... teehee ..

okay well my hands hur tnow .. update more laterz

Happy New Years Everyone !!!

I Love You Josh

<3 JLD-N-JMP <3
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~ Prayer Request ~ [Nov. 9th, 2004|03:14 pm]
ok now .. whether u love me or hate me .. i am asking for your help to pray for the health of my great grandmother who is lying in a comba in the hospital ... she is the one who raised me .. her home was the first home i ever knew ... she is in critical conditoin and everytime i think about it i just want to cry ... i can't lose her i just can't ... so please im asking for ur prayers to save a life ...
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2004|03:08 pm]
just wanted to post for the world to see that on the top of my list of people im thankful for , grateful for and love is my lil bro .. yeahh .. my bro has been ther for me through it all and yeah i feel lucky to have him .. yea we fight but what siblings dont .. guys dont' take wha tu have for granted bc one day it could all be taken away .. yeahh ... ok well imout bc i need to spend some time with my bro !

<3<3 JLD-N-JMP <3<3
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2004|02:14 pm]
blah blah blah ... blah blah blah .. blah blah blah ...


ok now ... stop emiline me and telling me u miss me .. damnit my number is still the same so use it peoplez lolz .. I Love You guys though .. thanx for everything ...

I Love You Baby ! my Heartbeat.... Forever :-)
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2004|01:25 pm]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Fuckmonkey ~ Souls]

I Miss My Baby !!! ahhh ... was supposed to be with him today but of course .. he had rehearsal .. but its ok .. i'll prolly see him tommorrow or smething.. only i won't be going to the city ..he will be comming here yay ! .. daddy said he would love to see josh again so yayz !! .. I Love how supportive my dad is about all of this . .not to mention my bro and josh get along so awesome !!

ahhhh .. hehe .. im so tired !! .. but so much stuff to do .. ahh ... haha ...

Ari .. um .. yeeah .. ur funny ...

T-Storm last night was well .. bearable .. i think im overcomming my fears of them .. :-) haha yayz ! i am overcomming a lot of things i never though i could .. thank you ARI !! :-)

la la la ... nothing really more to talk about ..

But i do pose this question ... um .. what is a hooka bar ??????

<3<3<3 to mah Jessykinz , My baby , and my friends .. I LoVe You Guyz and Gurliez <3<3<3

haha .. wanna laugh jessykinz ... ok now Adam wants me to go to court to testify against devul ... haha ... funny or what .. it made me laugh last night .. lolzzzz

Eddie .. bah humbug ! .. haha .. where are my movie tickets !!

ok im gonna end this now bc i have nothing more to say ... lolz ..

Jessykinz , Josh , Eddie , Ari , Amanda , Christina , Joey , Danny , John , Tim and Aaron .. you have email :-)

<3 JLD-N-JMP <3 I Love You

oh yea . and the song fuckmonkey by souls .. is pretty hot lmaoz !! right Ari ?
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Just one of those dayz ..... [Sep. 28th, 2004|04:54 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Fuckmonkey ~ Souls]

ok where to begin ...

watched joe black and sweet home alabama yesterday .. yeahh .... we went home early .. we being me , jed and bopo .. yeeahh .. um ...hehe ..

Talked to Josh from about 1-5 am .. then went to sleep for an hour ... then it was off for another day ...

its just one of those days today i guess ...

as were driving jed ot school still on sunrise the radiator blows so yeahh were stuck on sunrise .. i told dad to get that fixed over 2 weeks ago but he never listens to me but whatever .. then as were looking at it .. it starts to pour !! ahhh ... then we found ourselves at willy's house .. its great to have a friend like him .. hehe .. we all drove out ( in willy's car ) .. back to bellport to go to a junk yard to get a part for the stupid car .. then went to the deli for breakfast .. and boy was that .. um .. interesting .. lolz .. yeeahh .. um .. went back to willy's house where willy fixed the car .. and now im her e.. online at the library with JED ... yeeahh .. talkig to some friends and planning out tommorrow ... i can't wait !!

Going to NYC tommorrow to see Josh and Mrs.P .... yeeahh .. should be fun .. :-) ...

ahh im in just one of those moods wher ei don't know exactly what im feeling lolz ... but its all good .. i had a longggg talk with an old friend last night before i talked to josh and i figured some things out .... Jon ... Rubin ... i Love You hehe .. ur my oldest friend ( i mean like i've known u the longest ) .... im glad to still have u as a part of my life .. thank you so much for everything... *~ friends forever ~*

JESSYKINZ !!! I can't believe u havn't told him yet ahhh ... yeeahh .. missyou gurlie ...

Jessy , Mikey , Corey , and Josh .. you have email ...

Until then ya'll im gonna go and do something .. no idea what yet .. but i kno its something ... :-) ...

<3 JLD-N-JMP <3 ILU baby !
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